Paint Packages

Paint Packages
Paint Packages*

*Prices are for compact vehicles painted in the same original single color, and include basic top sanding of faded paint and light scratches. Pick-Ups, SUVs, Vans, color changes, dings, dents, collision repairs, sanding of deep nicks/scratches, stripping (complete sanding down/removal of severely damaged paint), etc., are additional. See additional charges hereAll vehicles will be masked before painting, so there may be a very minimal masking paint line on the trim to ensure that paint covers vehicle panels fully. At customer's request and expense, we may remove trim/lamps, etc. to enable the cleanest paint jobs. For additional details on our Paint Packages, see Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Package*: $395.00 Synthetic enamel with gloss built in (single stage)
2 yrs. warranty against peeling and cracking  

Deluxe Package*: $650.00 Synthetic enamel base with clear coat gloss added on top (2 stage)
3 yrs. warranty against peeling and cracking  

Supreme Package*: $750.00 Urethane base with clear coat added on top (2 stage)
4 yrs. warranty against peeling and cracking, 2 yrs. warranty against fading  

Platinum Package*: $995.00  Premium base with premium clear coat added on top (2 stage)
5 yrs. warranty against peeling, cracking, and fading 

For Warranty Details, click here.

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