Q: Can I get a quote by phone?
A: While our starting package prices can be seen on the packages page, most of the work that needs to be done in painting a vehicle, is surface preparation. Therefore, we need to look closely at the age and condition of the old paint before determining what needs to be done. Also, our different packages use different materials to mix in the color. Best thing to do is to come visit us, see some of the vehicles we painted the day before, and let us give you a free estimate based on how long you are going to keep your vehicle, budget, etc. We invite you to tour our facilities where we can explain to you what we will do to your vehicle prior to painting it. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, this visit where you can visually see the process, will be worth more than that, and help you understand what you will be getting for your money.

Q: What is included in your paint packages?
A: Basic sanding, masking, and painting as described under each package, is included. Body work, dents, and extra sanding (extra prep) are extra charges. For more info, see below.

Q: How do you sand the vehicles?
A: All vehicles need to have some type of sanding before they get painted. Since damaged paint conditions vary, there are different types of sanding required. Basic sanding (which is included in all of our paint packages) is applicable where the old paint is just dull, and involves removing the gloss or top layer of the previous paint. This is done by hand or machine, and includes removing some light nicks and scratches (not dings and dents). If the older paint has more severe damage (cracking, surface rust, deeper nicks and scratches), then more aggressive sanding (stripping, extra prep) is required, and the old paint needs to be removed completely and/or sanding it down to the bare metal. At this point, additional priming (etch primers, catalyzed primers, etc.) would be needed, and an extra charge would be incurred. (see Other options/extras page)

Q: Do you repair dings and dents?
A: Yes. We have repaired body panels, fenders, hoods, bumpers, etc. Our labor rates are $40-$50 per dent the size of the palm of your hand, but we will need to see your vehicle before we give you a firm free estimate, Type of metal/plastic, location/depth of damage, etc., all affect the cost of doing the repair. You may look at some of the work we have done in the photo gallery. Time to replace parts is taken from the vehicle estimation labor times, using their VIN numbers.

Q: Do you handle insurance work?
A: In the state of Florida, you have the right to chose where to have your vehicle worked on. We will be more than glad to work with your insurance company to repair your vehicle. If you have a high deductible that would not cover minor repairs, we will be happy to discuss options to help you save money.

Q: How does your warranty work?
A: Unlike some other shops, our warranties are 100%, not prorated. If your paint peels, wrinkles/cracks or becomes dull during the warranty period, we will take care at no charge. For actual terms and conditions, see copy of our warranty. Please understand that minor imperfections such as small nicks, scratches, chips and a slight texture in the finish may be visible on the paint, and are acceptable unless they are listed as specific areas of repair on the estimate. We take care to minimize dust and dirt settling into the new paint finish. Minimal amounts of dust are inherent to the refinishing process and do not affect the warranty offered.

Q: Do you do color changes, parts replacement, pick-ups, SUVs, extra prep/sanding, etc.? 
A: See Other Options/Extras page.

Q: What is "close to mirror like finish"?
A: Every paint package (even on a new car) has a minimal textured finish; in other words, the finish is not perfectly smooth. Government regulations require use of spray guns that minimize over-spray, so as to protect the environment. As a result, more paint is applied on the vehicle, causing a slight splattering/orange peel look. The only way to reduce this is to wet sand with a very fine grit, and then buff with a series of steps to give you a "close to mirror-like look". When you select our Platinum Package, you have the option of having us do additional work to give it the best finish we offer. Used vehicles will never look like a brand new vehicle, but we will make them glow again. See Options and Extras for more information on pricing for this.

Q: How long will it take to paint the vehicle?
A: Normally, we would like to have one day to do body work and/or extra prep, one day to sand/mask paint, and deliver on the third/fourth day. For our Platinum Package, we will need the car for 2-3 extra days, and if the "mirror like finish" option is selected, then we would need it for another additional 2-3 days. It is best to call one week ahead to set appointment, after an estimate has been written. You may come any time without an appointment for a free estimate and tour of our facilities.

If you have any other questions, please call us at 850-785-8275 or email at lacleb@comcast.net

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